This is the website for the Friends of CME Trust. We are a UK based charity seeking to relieve sickness and poverty in the north-eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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Mudhut at the refugee camp in beni

New pharmacy, ex-coffee warehouse.

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August 2017: newsletter online

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Urgent need to feed and school orphans

What we need? £6 a month.

What will it do? Provide basic food and schooling for an orphan.

Daniel and Claudine Masumbuko, have a huge task in Oicha, DRC– to support 269 orphans whose parents have been killed in fighting and civil war. The children are cared for by local foster families but they need support to feed the children and get them to school for basic education.

Last year Friends of CME Trust raised £9,000 to fund the need for 200 children up to the end of the June 2017 school year. Testimonies of some in the program can be found here.

With our support, the children received a basic meal of rice and beans. Their teachers noted an improvement in school performance. The children also received trauma counselling and positive effects have been appreciated by their host families.

But the need is ongoing, the number of children has increased from 200 to 269 and high inflation is pushing costs up.

We would like these children to continue to receive support for the next year.

It costs £6 a month per child. If you can help, please:


Here is a 4 minute film showing how one of the orphans has already been helped by the project.

More detail on the project can be found on our Orphans project page.